AATG Technology Applications for the Real World

Each industry has unique communication technology needs.

Here are some examples by industry of the ways A&A Technology Group can make your business communication easier and more efficient:

VoIP System Applications in Education

Mitel Education 2

Schools do not usually have a dedicated call staff and therefore need specific incoming call routing configurations. If they want a person to pick up we can create a system that routes a call sequentially until someone answers or one that auto-answers and prompts the caller from a built in directory. Teachers and staff can access their voicemail from their email or any other phone, easing the parent teacher conversation, facilitating student improvement.

HD Video Conferencing: Legal Applications

lifesize example

Legal teams can securely record, play back and archive remote depositions when witnesses are out of state. Collaboration is extremely important on legal teams and with our video systems yours can prepare documents together, have remote client briefings, train on new policy and reduce or eliminate travel expenses.

The Cloud in Practice for A Construction Firm

Mitel Construction 1

Site managers can access and download floor plans, work orders and invoices from any  connected devices in the field. Projects staying on schedule is vital but your whole team can’t always make it out to the site regularly, check up on progress with video site tours and improve accountability.