HD Video Conferencing in the Cloud

Cloud HD Video Conferencing allows two individuals or two meeting rooms full of people to engage easily and efficiently from anywhere.

A video conferencing system in the cloud means fewer headaches for you and your IT department. It also gives your colleagues the mobility and adaptability that modern businesses requires. Log in from anywhere and join your meeting with a few clicks. Enjoy the same top notch video quality, simplicity and support without being tied to the office chair.

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Key Features

Video Quality

Crisp, clear video and sound so you won’t miss anything


Many different system configurations for any size business

Cloud Based Sharing

Less hassle for you to log in anywhere and connect and share with your collegues


Straightforward cloud interface is easily accessible and intuitive to learn

Data Sharing

Share documents, images, notes and presentation aides with a click

Expert Service

Our experienced team of engineers and technology experts is ready to help.