On Premise HD Video Conferencing

On Premise HD Video Conferencing with AATG provides systems for businesses that want complete control and customization

Companies who need complete customization and want their IT team to extract every advantage from their video conferencing system can get what they need from our on premise systems. High quality image resolution and sound clarity is a given, you won’t miss anything with our dynamic HD Video Conferencing systems tailored to your business.

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Key Features

Exact Customization

Allow your tech gurus to pull every ounce of productivity from your video conferencing system


This kind of system provides the most robust  security customization options

Invite Everyone

No one will be left out with up to 25 (individual or group) users on one conference.

Data Sharing

Share images, documents, data and presentation aides with ease

Expert Service

All of our systems come with a team of experienced engineers and IT experts that are at your disposal

Video Quality

High definition image quality and crystal clear sound makes sure nothing is lost from user to user