Cloud/Hosted Voice

AATG provides Cloud VoIP services that simplify your daily communications and promote connectivity in your network.

Businesses with limited customization needs can find a home in the Cloud voice solutions that we offer. The same high quality sound and user friendly interface without the cost and intricacies of maintaining an in-house phone system. Communicate smarter and more cost-efficiently in the cloud.

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Key Features


VoIP phone systems use the internet and are less likely to go offline than traditional systems

Sound Quality

Unbeatable sound helps you get the information right the first time


Access your system from anywhere on any device

Expert Service

Our experienced team of engineers and technology specialists is here to help with any problem that might arise with your system

Cost Effective

Cloud management takes the overhead of a robust phone system off your plate and allows you to focus on your customers

Quality Equipment

We only use top of the line equipment vetted by our team of experts for longevity and simplicity