On Premise Voice

AATG offers On Premise VoIP systems to businesses with unique security concerns or those that need a high level of customization

Companies who like to take a hands on approach to technology and have a dedicated IT department can customize their system to meet their specific security and customization needs. Bring structure to the chaos of a high call volume or configure your system to exactly meet your company’s needs. We will work our hardest to create an On Premise phone system that works best for you.

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Key Features


On Premise allows for more secure communication to keep your information out of the wrong hands


Configure your phone system to meet your company’s exact productivity criteria

Expert Service

Even On Premise systems get our utmost attention for upgrades and servicing

Quality Equipment

We only use top of the line telecommunications equipment vetted by our team of experts for their simplicity and longevity.

Sound Quality

Crystal clear sound from our devices makes communication hassle free


Even with an intricate configuration our systems maintain a focus on productivity and a user friendly feel