VoIP Dial Tone

AATG provides Trunking and Dial Tone Services for your business to more efficiently handle call volume

Your calls are a major aspect to maintaining and creating business relationships. We offer to install and support physical scaffolding for on-premise use as well as cloud based systems. We also offer responsive answering systems and digital reception to give structure to chaotic call volumes.

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Key Features

Cost Effective

We offer the latest connectivity technology has to offer and trunking requires no physical wires so maintenance costs plummet


We offer individualized configurations for on premise and hosted systems to fit your exact need

Expert Service

All of our installations are supported by a team of computer science and engineering experts that are ready to spring into action for you

Flexible for Growth

Easily add and scale your phone system as your business grows


Your business will no longer be at the mercy of local events like storms and outages as calls can be automatically redirected with trunking